Click-2-Heel dog and puppy training in Bracknell, Berkshire
      Dog Training Tips

  • Make sure you are ready to train – relaxed and happy
  • Your dog should be well rested and ready for training
  • Train when your dog is ready for food or playful
  • Keep training sessions short (10-15 minutes) and try to do 2-4 sessions per day
  • Don't assume your dog knows the word – train a visual cue before adding the word cue
  • Don't reward unwanted behaviours e.g. praise for jumping up
  • Always train for success, take it slowly, assume lack of understanding
  • Show you are pleased when he gets it right using positive tones in your voice
  • Use higher rewards for more difficult tasks
  • Train in different situations and environments e.g. when you are standing, kneeling, on and off lead, home, garden and outdoors
  • Be patient – there are many repetitions required before they understand
  • Try to improve a little on each session
  • Make things easier and break it down if they are confused
  • Always end on a positive note


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