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  Thank goodness for the day that I called Di!
I acquired Sasha when she came over from South Africa with a large German Shepherd called Prince (her soul-mate from when she was 3 months old).  They were quarantined for 6 months and when they came out my son was living in a flat and could not home them at the time.   This is how they came to live with me.

Both were beautiful natured but had never been socialised with other dogs and when they played, they played rough!   So Sasha thinks when you see another dog they all want to play and having a dominant nature she wants to pounce and roll them over and have fun, they are not amused.  I was therefore unable to take them out for walks unless I had a strong, patient person with me, which was not very often and after coming out once that was enough, they didn’t want to try again.

Earlier this year I lost Prince and Sasha was all alone, very sad, and I was still unable to control her to enable me to take her for walks.

I then found Di’s details at my local vets and thought I would give it a try, nothing to lose in giving her a call.  Although I should mention that I had tried taking the dogs to training classes, with the help of my neighbour, and these were not very successful as Sasha upset all the other dogs in the class and I spent most of my evening facing the wall with her, (just like at school).  Also tried Dr Mugford’s and though advice was good it is so hard to achieve when you are out there on your own.

Anyway I decided to give Di a call and most of the problems are now getting under control and the light at the end of the tunnel is bright.  Although I do not yet have the confidence to take Sasha out on my own because she is so strong, Di and I take her to the Lookout and over the local park, which is an absolute joy.  I do now take her along to Di’s local club and am confident handling her with others around me. I can certainly see a time when I will be taking her on my own and it makes all the work Di has put in worthwhile. She has been mine and Sasha’s saviour!

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