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  Lady... bursting with energy
Lady is a young border collie/labrador cross who is full of life and bursting with energy. We took her to a course of puppy classes but Lady was too much of a handful with her boundless energy so we were largely left to ourselves and Lady got bored and we learnt very little. Luckily we met a man walking his perfect dog in the local park, asked where he did his schooling and Di was recommended.

From that day on we have never looked back. We signed up for a course of one-to-one lessons and the improvement in Lady after just one lesson was amazing. We now go from strength to strength and under Di's guidance are learning how to handle Lady ourselves to get the best out of her. After just a few lessons she walks to heel, obeys commands, loves performing tricks and enjoys playing with us more than other dogs!

Lady adores Di and you can almost hear her say "what can I do for you today, Di?" such is the understanding between Di and dogs. By having Di to ourselves she can address our particular concerns and concentrate solely on our dog which has built up a very special relationship between us all. Having said that Di's group classes are great fun, no one is ignored, and they give us the opportunity to put Lady through her paces with the distraction of other dogs - the combination of the one-to-one lessons and the classes give us the best of both worlds.

We have also seen Di work with our daughter's retriever, (who was so nervous that she didn't want to leave the security of the house to go for a walk) and her patience, advice and help have transformed the dog in a very short period of time - she now runs out the house and jumps into the car. Until she met Di, Lady would cower in a corner or run into her crate as soon as a lead appeared.

We can honestly say we are very fortunate to have "discovered" Di and now have a dog who is a pleasure to have around and we are confident that as we get older, as long as we continue to work with Lady following Di's advice, we will have a wonderful, well behaved companion that we will be taking for walks rather than the other way round. We would not hesitate to recommend Di to anyone for anything from puppy training to problem dogs - she works miracles on them all.

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