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  Dylan... focussed training
"Dylan, our soft-coated wheaten terrier, is a gorgeous but very lively and boisterous puppy. As soon as he had finished his vaccinations we started puppy classes, but whilst he had a great time playing with all the other dogs, we started to feel less confident than before training began.

Hattie... building in confidence
Many thanks for all your help & support with Hattie over the past few months. You have certainly helped me build my confidence with her & have helped me to make some progress with her! Her lively spirit & broken hip have not given her the best start! You have certainly given us lots of ideas & games to pull out of the tool box to help prevent further mishaps! I will continue using your suggestions & try to make it more fun & interesting for her!
Thank goodness for the day that I called Di!
I acquired Sasha when she came over from South Africa with a large German Shepherd called Prince (her soul-mate from when she was 3 months old).  They were quarantined for 6 months and when they came out my son was living in a flat and could not home them at the time.   This is how they came to live with me

Lady... bursting with energy
Lady is a young border collie/labrador cross who is full of life and bursting with energy. We took her to a course of puppy classes but Lady was too much of a handful with her boundless energy so we were largely left to ourselves and Lady got bored and we learnt very little. Luckily we met a man walking his perfect dog in the local park, asked where he did his schooling and Di was recommended.