Click-2-Heel dog and puppy training in Bracknell, Berkshire
      CLICK-2-HEEL Terms and Conditions

  1. Whilst we do not insist your puppy is fully vaccinated we do require the first vaccination and a 10 day period after before a puppy joins the class. More dogs are destroyed as a result of behaviour problems than infectious diseases, so the small risk is significantly outweighed by the benefit of understanding how to train your puppy successfully.
  2. All packages are paid for in advance and are non-returnable except in exceptional circumstance – as decided by Click-2-Heel. In some circumstances we will agree to transfer money to other courses or services.
  3. For 1-2-1 consultants a minimum of 24 hours notice should be provide for cancellations else fee will be charged in full
  4. All instances of accident or injury must be reported to the dog trainer at the time they occurred, in the class they occurred in. Subsequent reports of accidents will not be entertained
  5. Click-2-Heel cannot accept responsibility for loss, injury or damage to person or property
  6. On occasions we may have to change the time of a training session or location due to weather or external situations. We reserve the right to do this and will contact you in advance
  7. The following items are NOT PERMITTED in Click-2-Heel Dog Training Classes under any circumstances: Choker chains and / or Check chains of any description; Shock collars including citronella; Shock devices or any other device that causes discomfort, pain or fear to the dog; Prong or pinch collars; Any equipment that the trainer deems unacceptable
  8. All dogs must remain on lead within training situations unless specifically instructed by the dog trainer and with the owner’s verbal consent. Specific breeds such as greyhounds must have the proper collar so as to cause no discomfort to the dog and to prevent escape
  9. Click-2-Heel Dog Training takes all reasonable precautions within the structure of our classes and in our training situations to avoid injury resulting from dog bites. However, Click-2-Heel accepts no responsibility for damage or injury resulting from dog bites occurring to clients or their dogs while in a training situation. The Control of Dogs Act 1986 section 21 - "Liability of owner for damage by Dog" applies within our classes and all training situations
  10. Well behaved children are welcome; however they must remain seated and quiet during the demonstration of exercises, and MUST NOT run around, or approach other dogs under any circumstances. Some puppies will be nervous, and may resort to a nip if they feel threatened or thought excitement. Responsible, older children may train their family puppy in the class, however if handling or training is inappropriate, if control is not maintained, and for certain exercises, we reserve the right to request adults only handling. Puppies will never be excluded from the course, we will work with you on their issues, however if a child’s behaviour affects other clients enjoyment or benefit from the course we reserve the right to request them to be removed.
  11. Our course is designed to give you maximum benefit and enjoyment from training your puppy. It is understood, that training in class situations gives you the tools and techniques to get the best from your puppy in real life situations. Training must continue outside of the class in order to get the benefit from your course. If you are having difficulty with this, speak to us about our one-to-one packages to compliment your course
  12. Dogs that have injuries, contagious diseases (or contact with other dogs with contagious diseases) or stomach upsets should not be brought to classes. Owners are still welcome to attend class so you are able to apply the training at home and not miss course content.  Bitches in season should not attend class. Please ensure you dog is fully protected from worms.


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