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Di offers a range of dog training classes in Bracknell which aim to provide a fun environment for both you and your dog to learn in. The classes cover how to train basic behaviours, how to have fun and enjoy your dog, handling real life situations and more advanced behaviours such as down at a distance. All classes are designed to enhance your relationship with your dog, give you activities to do when out on walks and teach you how to establish and maintain a clear communication process.


This is run as a six week course at 3 stages – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced with certification at each stage required for progression encouraging you to do some homework.

Beginners Course is also designed for puppies – this covers an introduction to the foundation work required – wait, toy play, focus on owner and equipment, following hand signals and direction cues. They are introduced to key equipment whilst bearing in mind growing joints and bones.

Intermediate Course – Introduces further equipment used in agility circuits. Developing body language and signals which are used to “steer” your dog around different aspects of a course. The emphasis is on fun, and all classes and teaching are light hearted and enjoyable for handlers and dogs alike. We do like to encourage some homework and have a certification level test to progress to the advanced level.

Advanced Course – Passed all the basics and progressing onto more detailed work – understanding courses – use of front and rear crosses, getting the dog to work more ahead of you and understanding verbal cues to tighten up on your turning ability. All good fun stuff if you love working with your dog.


These classes are perfect for puppies, or newcomers to the sport of competitive obedience who would like to have a go, and get off the ground. Complimenting Di's evening classes, these classes work at a beginner level, and introduce and develop some of the play and interaction behaviours required, as well as learning and training the required exercises up to novice level.

Held at Jennett’s park Scout hut next to Peacock Farm Pub.


If you want to try out different disciplines before deciding which is best for you and your dog, our Mixed Discipline classes may be the answer. Courses cover a combination of exercises including:
  • Competitive obedience
  • Agility
  • Tracking (nose-work)
  • Field trials
The emphasis (as always) is for dog and handler to have fun and build confidence in each other and is perfect to try exercises you may never have considered before.


Kinetics is a class designed to help your dog build good core muscular strength and balance allowing your dog to use itself at maximum potential. The classes provide mental stimulation and are physically tiring as your dog may be asked to use muscles he may not be used to using. The classes have a positive effect on your dog's movement, balance, flexibility, health and wellbeing.

This is a particularly good class for:
  • Young dogs to build strength and flexibility
  • Dogs who are (or going to be) actively involved in competitive sports
  • Dogs who are asked to do repetitive actions e.g. ball throwing
  • Dogs needing good structured exercise to build muscle after corrective treatment


Your first dog? New puppy in the house? Taken on a rescue dog? Or perhaps you are thinking about entering competitions. There are many reasons dog owners seek professional advice, but why choose one-to-one training?

The answer is simple; because every dog and owner is unique! Receive advice tailored to your specific needs in a relaxed and focused environment at a time that is convenient for you.

With 1–2–1 dog training, you will see results more quickly, gain confidence with your handling skills and can really make the most of Di's knowledge and experience.

All dog to dog and dog to people aggression cases are handled on a 1–2–1 basis using positive reinforcement behaviour adjustment training. Di will work with the dog and owner to build confidence handling various outdoor situations and begin to reduce anxiety and fear levels for both parties.


These are held fortnightly at Lily Hill Park meeting 5 minutes prior to the start time in the main car park off Lily Hill Drive. All pack walks are sent out via e-mail to a distribution list – please contact Di to be added to this list.

The walks are on lead and aim to help gain confidence, calmness and trust around other dogs. We include heelwork exercises such as walking and trotting passed other dogs and owners, how to meet and greet other owners gaining control and maintaining your dogs focus in the presence of distractions.


Do you have the dog training bug and don't know what else to train? Competitive obedience is a friendly sport where like minded people enjoy the relationship they have with their dogs. Di offers a dog obedience class in Bracknell for all levels.


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