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It is a pleasure to own a dog that is well socialised with people and dogs, and is responsive to basic commands. This is not always easy to achieve so why not use Di's experience to build a more positive relationship. Di uses modern techniques to cure and manage common issues like jumping up, excitable greetings, aggressive behaviour, pulling on the lead and recall in the presence of distractions.

Owners and dogs need to have a clear communication process – remember DOGS DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH (even when you say it louder or repeat command).

Understanding how dogs learn is key for successful training – if it‘s a positive experience they will repeat the behaviour. Imagine calling your partner – if they‘re delighted to hear from you then you will want to call them again. If they nag immediately “why haven‘t you called me?” are you likely to call more often?

Clicker Training has proved in my opinion the most effective tool for training.
It establishes a clear communication process which is easy for both dog and
owner to understand.

Training should be fun and a dog should be a pleasure to own. Most dogs are bred for a purpose, so their need to have a job is very instinctive. If you don't employee them they will become self employed – a digger, chewer, jumper, chaser.

Training provides mental stimulation and employment which improves your relationship, builds their confidence and provides you both with a sense of contentment.

If you already have undesirable behaviours there are tools and methods to change this.
Di can help you examine the learning history and establish the right path for changing or modifying existing behaviours or training alternative behaviours giving them a different
job to do.


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